Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dress to Impress

While I was walking through the geysers in Rotorua, celebrities were walking the red carpet showing of their dresses fashion met art at this years Met Ball in New York. I was looking through the looks of the night and picked out the Highlights and Lowlights of this years event. What did you think? J xoxo

SJP head to toe in Valentino. I liked this look but did it remind anyone else of curtains?

Jessica Alba dazzled in Gold in Michael Kors

Sofia Vergara does what she does best in Marchesa

Camilla Belle looked stunning in this low-cut Ralph Lauren number but I did not think the makeup worked with the dress and I would have preferred if she would have used a lighter more natural palette. 

Paula Patton looked gorgeous in this dramatic bustier and large drop earrings as she posed with designer Vera Wang, definitely my favorite look of the night!

Kate Upton supposedly payed $25,000 for a ticket to the event so i was expecting her to turn out a show stopper. Well she did for all the wrong reasons. The dress might have been pretty but I could not get past the makeup. She is a gorgeous girl, so naturally beautiful! She did not need to put on this much makeup and she overdid it and it overshadowed what she was wearing...

Kirstin Stewart tried to hard to be trendy in Balenciaga and she looked too casual for such a formal event and I would have liked her to wear a more formal dress especially since she is young and could pull it off.

Another favorite look of the night, Heidi Klum in Escada

Karolina Kurkova in and with Rachel Zoe, I just thought that it didn't work at all

Solange Knowles radiated in this gorgeous yellow number

This dress looks amazing but it looks so heavy!

Anna Wintour with a lobster on her dress, everyone knows Anna always does it right

Oh hell no!

Lily Collins looked adorable, like a fairy

And Amy Adams just looked perfect in this dress!

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