Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Good Sports

While looking at the runners running the London Marathon  photos seems boring and the idea of actually running seems appalling there is one thing that might catch your attention spectator street style! These were my favorites! J xoxo
P.s. Always wanted to do the London Marathon but it just looks so hard!

1. I am a big big fan of floral so I automatically gravitated towards this look but what really hit it out of the park was the flowers in her boots! So original! It sounds really weird and totally bizarre and if you would have told me this a week ago I would have laughed at the ridiculous idea but it works, completely and utterly perfect! 

2. Again my love of floral coming through in my selection! And this girl really shows us all how to work three trends. The pastel trends - the lavender trousers bang on trend and she has matched the outfit really well together. The second 'trend' - the mix between girl and edgy, she has balanced this really well. I like the girly, innocent vibe that her trousers and top give off in comparison to the edginess of her jacket. And another 'trend' (okay I lied its not really but its a rule worth following!) High street clothes and expensive accessories! Her outfit is completely from topshop and her bag is Mulberry! Investment pieces....just saying ;) 

3. I love the pop of color she has injected into her outfit! I can admit I wear black and I love to wear black but it always looks so much better when you have some color! And she has done it perfectly, it just looks amazing! 

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